Vedan Padal
Vedan Padal (Vedan Pattu) is a peculiar ceremony observed in certain parts of the district in the month of Karkidakam (July-August) which coincides with the season of scarcity in Kerala.

The Vedan or hunter is impersonated by a boy, in a peculiar make-up, who is armed with bow and arrows and accompanied by an attendant who carries a small drum on his shoulder. The vedan gets a ceremonial welcome in each household. In the course of the welcoming ceremony, the drummer chants a folk song which has for its theme, the precarious life of a hunter in the forest, his attempts to make a living by taking to agriculture, the difficulties of cultivation in the hilly tracts and the wild nature of the country, teeming with animals. He describes particularly the story of the pursuit of a wild boar by the hunter and his triumphant encounter with Arjuna.

The performance ends with the disclosure of the Vedan as Siva who blesses his devotee Arjuna. The Malayans who figure in the Vedan Padal are given some rice and curry provisions such as salt and chilies from each house. It is popular belief that the ceremony would avert the evil tendencies of the month and assure happiness and prosperity to the household.