Palayam Ground
Palayam gound has a sginificat spot in the history of Eripuram, Pazhi Kotta and Maraahi Pattnam.this was the entrance of Pazhi Kotta. Pazhi Kotta is situated in the southern corner of Madayippara as watching tower of Ezhimala kings. Madayippara and Paalayam Gound used to be the site for the coronation ceremany of the rulers of princely state of the erstwhile Kolathu a hillside ,the panoramic veiw from Palayan Ground of Payangadi and Pripuram is amazing. Pazhi Kotta is renovated by tourism department and the importance of Payalam Gound become more popular.

Now Palayam Ground is one of major sports venue of Madayi sub distirct and Madayi College and alll sports related acitivties of Madayi, Ezhome Panchyath. The memories with Paalayam Ground is precious to every Eripurains and the people from near by places like Madayi, Vengara, Ezhome, Aduthila, Neruvambram, Vayalapra etc.