Madayi is believed to be one of the oldest Jewish settlements according to Kerala Jewish traditions, probability of a synagogue in the vicinity is very much clear. More details regarding the Jewish settlement is not much found but "Malik Bin Habib, who established the Madayi Mosque, found Jews in the place, they used to have a place of worship at "Heli Madayi" ( Muslim History of Kerala, P.A. Syed Mohammed) Heli Madayi is the place identified with Madayi Para, were only a Jewish Pond is remaining in Madayipara - It is believed that there was a Jewish settlement site near the Ezhimala Naval academy and in Madayipara still the Jewish pond is there. This community would have vanished during the Portuguese established their Fort or invasion. This community would have migrated to any other jewish community of south. This community would be the parental community of the other later Jewish of northern Kerala.